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Education Disguised
as FUN!
An "Out-Of-The-Box"
Working Farm

Could this become one of the most amazing farms on earth?!

The Abundance Farm is a vision right now . . . but a very obtainable one!

Efforts are already underway to create a completely "out-of-the-box" agricultural experience!


Here's our vision for our 100+ acres of land . . .  and way beyond!


The Abundance Farm is unique, working facility that demonstrates the most ancient to the most modern techniques - and a few innovtions of our own!


Find out what Hugelkultur is.  Check out our creepy-awesome Black Soldier Flies.  See the virtious cycle of Aquaponics that could revolutionize the food industry.  See how geodesic dome green houses can handily withstand the elements when it gets rough.  "Climb aboard" our Earthship.  See how the amazing Rocket Mass Heater can keep plants - an you - warm through the coldest winter months using just twigs, branches - and even junk mail!


You can go home with fresh-picked goodies year-round.  Our food is organic - and actually better, because it goes beyond the minimum requirements to provide extremely nutirent-dense, delicious produce and protien.

Come on down and check out our cutting-edge, downright fun educational experience for school groups to families to the curious individual. 


Discover our "magical" hotspots found throughout the grounds where plants will actually talk right back to you when you talk to them, life-sized guides that appear out of nowhere, ordinary pictures that appear out of nowhere that will appear out of thin air to teach about whatever they happen to be standing by in a humerous, entertaining way. 


Talented, entertaining tour guides, roll-up-your-sleaves hands-on workshops, an "orphan plant adoption" program . . . these and so much more are all part of the Abundance Farm experience!

to help folks reconnect
with nature

There's a growing concern that these days much of our society has become so  "plugged in" to electronics and couch-potato entertainment so much that we've become disconnected with "The Great Outdoors!"


Swing out over a volcano and land in a bed of lava.  Play AMAZE - the ultimate game of "cat and mouse."  Be part of a pony-possie round-up.  Come on out for special events, contests, concerts, twilight picnics, campfire sing-alongs.  Learn, play and take home long-time game favorites like Capture The Flag, No Bears Are Out Tonight, Ghosts In A Graveyard and lots and lots more!


The benefits of heaping helpings of fresh air and sunshine are HUGE!

Better health . . . improved mental clarity . . .





Giving Back -
A Philanthropic, For-Profit organization.

Yep! - We could have been a "Not-For-Profit" status, but decided against it.

Why? - Because "Not-For-Profits" and frequent fundraisers almost always go hand-in-hand.  We don't want to always have to be askng for money . . . We want to be giving it!


So, we're shooting for a "Prosperity and Generosity" model instead!


We give 25% of our gross profits to local and international, worthy causes including food banks, veteran's services, and animal rescue.   A co-op program provides a way for our vets (especially if they have been wounded) and others who face difficult challenges to learn new skills in a healing, theraputic environment; participate in profit-sharing; be a part of a close-knit team; and to give back to the community.


We'll also be offering a "SOS" - Service Opportunity Sighting program to lead out in fun community service projects.

Plans to "Grow Big!"

The Abundance Farm isn't just a place - it's a vision for a better world.

Our first location is in the United States - Virginia to be exact.

But it's a launch pad for the spread of Abundance Farms all over!


Each Farm will have high-standards, guidelines and training to ensure the leadership and success of each effort.  We'll share equipment and resouces with each participating Farm wherever possible. 





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