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TOP CROP - Amazing Growing Methods


We've all seen the "Green Acres" common approach to farming;  You know - till the soil (often with expensive equipment), spray for bugs and weeds, and water water water.

But what if there was a better way?
In fact - what if there was more than one better way?

Would you be interested?   . . . Then, you're in the right place!

The Back To Eden Method


Consider the forest and the jungle.  They are teaming with large, healthy plant-life.  The soil is rich and loose. Yet, no one takes a plow to them or makes any effort to fertilize them.


This fertile land is so successful exactly because it is left undisturbed - only adding to what's already there with fallen leaves, branches, trees and such.


So, the soil is loaded with microorganisms and micronutrients.  The compost on top provides a cover that retains water underneath and repells  weeds on top. Whenever it rains, the decomposing material deposits more nutrients into the soil.


This "Plant Paradise" can be re-created in any home and on any farm, easily and inexpensively with the "Back To Eden" method.




Rotting logs are a thing of beauty when you know how to turn them into a Hugelkultur mound.


As they decompose, they become like giant, sponges, holding plenty of water and breaking down into nutrient-dense material.


It's like the Disneyland of plants! 




Hydroponics and Aeroponics


What if you could just skip the soil and get right to the goodies - where plants would be able to have all the minerals they could ever hope for, by having their roots bathed or sprayed directly in nutrient-rich water?


Imagine placing a small lettuce plant on top of a bucket of water and not having to do anything more than come back to harvest it. 


Think of tomato plants growing faster than they would in the soil and producing tons of beautiful, tasty fruit because they have "happy roots."


This and so much more - using 1/10th to 1/100th the amount of water used in traditional gardening.

Vertical Gardening


This method gives a whole new meaning to "Growing Up.


So much more food can be grown in so much less space that even farming in the city is becoming reality in a huge way!


You'll see, a resturant growing it's greens on the roof.  Salads on the menu couldn't be more fresh!


There's even abandoned buildings an malls being repurposed to grow food year-round.


It's easy to pull off your own Vertical Garden in so many creative, decorative ways!


It's possible to take Hydroponics one step further by adding fish.


How?  In a word:  "Poop!"  Fish waste can be converted into organic plant food resulting in a bumper-crop of high-quality "people food."  To close the loop, it's also possible to use this fish water to grow plenty of free fish-food like, Duckweed.


There's a growing movement to raise not only organic food, but fish that's completely free of pesticides and toxins like Mercury using simple, inexpensive DIY Aquaponics systems at home and beyond.





The Mitlander Method


Our most recent discovery that's been around the block and then some.


It's been called "The Poor Man's Hydroponics" - talking just abound any growing medium, from soil to sawdust and adding only the essential nutrients a plant really needs, bringing in huge, heavy, healthy produce that draws raves for taste.


While it's been heralded worldwide and brought abundant food to the poorest of places, the Mitlander Method also has its skeptics because it uses minerals in their pure state (vs. mixed with compost, manuer, etc.).


We've got videos that cover both sides of the fence - so you get to judge.  We're betting you'll go with us and call this one a home-run!

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