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Chip in Wood!

Thanks for considering donating your woodchips andl logs to the Abundance Farm!

We're shooting for a big win-win here!

Rather than pay to dispose of your woodchips and logs that often come in a tree-trimming / removal project, you can now drop them off at an easy-to-access location on here - right next door to Patriot High School in Nokesville, VA.

Not only will you save money, but you'll be helping us to use those chips to grow plants, line paths, make bedding for our animals, and teach our community about the value of this wonderful resource!

Below, is a video so you can see exactly how to get there from a major intersetion, as well as a map to the Abundance Farm site. We're right at the beginning phases, so - for now, but not for long - you will mostly see open farm land. Here's a link to a map to us as well.

Whether you have just one load or an unlimited amount you would like to drop off, please give us a call at 703-393-FARM (3276) to set up your first visit.

Thanks so much for considering us!

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